Wednesday, July 23, 2014


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To be honest I really never thought I could do this, stop smoking. Every time I tried to do it previously resulted in me smoking as a reward for not smoking as much. I do not believe there was even one time where I actually went a full day without smoking at least one cigarette. In fact on Father's day 2014, I went the entire day without smoking one cigarette until I rewarded myself with 2 loosies from the corner store late that evening.Ten days later I stopped and even then I was not sure I would do it. I started wearing a patch on the Monday after father's day and still I smoked. Until finally I decided enough was enough and I stopped.

It has been 28 full days since I smoked a cigarette and 26 days since I used a patch and I am happy to be able to say I am a quitter. It is the only time I have quit anything  in my life. I have never been a quitter but in this particular context I am proud to say I am a quitter. That's right I quit and my body's response has been interesting. I still have the cravings and I have dreamed that I was smoking on a few occasions. Woke up happy that it was dream and I did not have to try to quit again. The first few days were very hard and even now there are moments when I crave a cigarette and my friends and family who quit say that will last for sometime. 

I have noticed a few things have changed but it is not what I have typically read or have been told. 

  • The first thing I noticed is I sleep through the night now rarely awakening for any reason.
  • The skin around my face feels different.
  • The chronic illness I suffer with is less prolific.
  • I am going to the store less frequently.
  • I have more pocket money.
  • I am going to the ATM less frequently.
  • My truck smells better.
  • I can now smell smoke on smokers.
So on this 28th day of changing my lifestyle to become a non-smoker I am proud of myself for taking the initiative to bring my claim to good health full circle. No longer will be people see me with a cigarette for the first time and exclaim disbelievingly, "You Smoke?" No more holes in my clothes or ashes all over the place. No more needing to requesting a smoking room when I go away. No more standing out in the weather and no more making sure I have enough cigarettes to make sure I have enough to last me until I am prepared to go out in the morning.

I am done smoking and I am done writing for today. Have a great day and remember "CHIT CHAT WON'T BURN FAT."

Thursday, July 3, 2014



I am embarking on a new phase in my life that I am committed to. After watching, Food Inc, Beautiful Truth, Forks over Knives and a few other films I am convinced that the Food Industry, FDA, USDA, ADA and AMA Monsanto, Dow, Dupont and Bayer are all involved in a massive money making conspiracy that has many of us "FAT SICK and NEARLY DEAD." Yes I watched that as well.

Much of the information I was already aware of but my commitment to myself is solidified by viewing these films and taking in the information they had to offer. I know many of you do not want to hear it but you really need to take a look at what you are eating. Much of it is not real food as it is manipulated, radiated, and treated with chemicals while also substituting artificial flavors that are purposely addictive.

My goal is to minimize the opportunities for the medical industry to get hold of me or you. Information is power and to ignore it is foolish. I am transitioning from an omnivore to a herbivore and I am convinced it will result in better health and higher energy levels. For the past 2 weeks I have reduced the amount of meat/flesh I eat to once per day and in a very moderate amount.

Already the chronic stomach issues I have experienced over the last five years are waning and my energy level is increasing. It has not affected my ability to work out and I am still making gains in strength. I am going to produce a daily journal as well as juicing and blending techniques, and recipes that I find to be delicious. I also hope it will have a positive effect on the chronic illness BP that has negatively impacted my health by causing constant itching.

So Monday, 6/23/2014 was the first full day without any meat product fresh or processed. I feel pretty good and I have learned a couple of things. One it does take some level of preparation with your vegetables and fruits. If you buy enough to last for a week or more you must have some way to store it so that it does not spoil. So Sunday evening this is what I did. I cut, chopped and froze fruits and vegetables for the week. I also juiced some things that will serve as the base for my smoothies. The juice from the carrots, celery, broccoli and spinach are real good as a base. Additionally, I was able to use the byproduct from the carrots and broccoli for other dishes. So now you are prepared and able to prepare another dish without much work.

One of the assumptions I made was that this juicing and eating only vegetables would cause immediate evacuation of all the crap that is probably in my colon. I have never had a colonic so I am sure their are years and  years of built up waste. I am sure it will move out soon but it has not been immediate. So if there are a few of you out there who expect immediate relief, be aware it may not be that easy. It took years to get it in there and it may take some time to get it out.

I am not sure if this is my imagination but my skin actually feels better. There is a little less itch and inflammation and this is only the morning of day 3. I sure hope it continues as I am sure there are some more surprises ahead on this journey.

When I originally began writing this I really thought I'd have something to add on a daily basis but I did not so I did not write. However as this progresses I can note that after a little over a week with primarily juices from fresh vegetables as sustenance I feel great. My energy is high, and my strength and conditioning continue to progress. The jury is still out on the auto immune disease that degrades my skin as I continue to itch but there is something different. So we will wait and see.

Remember Chit Chat Won't Burn Fat get up get moving and do something to improve your health.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014



Researchers create obese rats on purpose by injecting them with MSG, and vaccine makers add the active part of MSG to vaccines they want every child to get injected with.  Now, solve this picture puzzle:

          +                  =            
                   RAT                   MSG-INDUCED OBESE RAT
           +        =    
MSG IN VACCINES          YOUR CHILD                         
(PATENT IN 1982)           (BORN > 1982)                                               
"Experts” have no idea what is causing childhood obesity rates to rise in the past few decades (basically since 1982).
Now for some scientific sanity:

MSG-Induced Obesity

MSG is actually injected into laboratory rats to induce obesity.  There are many many scientific studies done using these MSG treated rats since rats are not naturally overweight.  It also has been shown to increase appetite in male rats and to induce obesity in female rats and chickens.   Scientists in Spain have recently concluded that MSG when given to mice increase appetite by as much as 40%. 

For more related research:

Although it is often brought up by glutamate industry representatives that injected MSG is somehow different than ingested MSG it has actually been proven in studies with human subjects that ingested MSG results in raised blood levels of glutamic acid and that this free glutamic acid does increase insulin levels in the human body.  The other argument often made by representatives from the glutamate industry - that the blood brain barrier protects the brain from increased glutamate levels in the blood does not address the fact that the part of the brain responsible for hunger - the hypothalamus, is not protected at all by the blood-brain barrier.  They also do not address the fact that the blood-brain barrier is compromised in individuals in a hypoglycemic state, which may occur when levels of insulin - the very hormone increased by ingesting MSG, is high. 

However, consider the fact that nearly all vaccines now have Glutamic acid - the active part of MSG and what causes weight gain - added to them.  SO, any child born since vaccine makers added glutamate to vaccines - that would be any time after 1982 - is the equivalent of an MSG INJECTED laboratory rat.

A recent Study in rural China on humans, shows ingested MSG contributes to obesity, regardless of caloric intake or activity.

The latest drug to treat both Diabetes AND Obesity is Liraglutide, a GLP-1 drug that also decreases the neurotoxicity of glutamate. It not only reduced blood glucose, but also reduced weight in "MSG-treated" obese rats.  
Regardless of that research, and the longstanding scientific tradition of creating "MSG-Induced" obese rats, and the ability of a GLUTAMATE BLOCKER to result in weight loss, and the research in Spain that showed MSG increased appetite in animals by 40% , the USDA is now working with the company that makes MSG, to put it into DIET foods anyway, regardless of the FACT that MSG CONTRIBUTES DIRECTLY to obesity.  Why you ask?  To help folks lose weight.  Really. 


The latest studies on obesity focus on a substance made by the fat cells in the human body called leptin.  Leptin is being studied as the next "obesity drug" because in some obese test animals it has been shown to decrease body weight.   However, and this is important, leptin did not work on test animals that were obese due to MSG-induced obesity.  This suggests that perhaps the damage to the hypothalamus caused by MSG, caused the hypothalamus to  become resistant to the effect of leptin.

If we discover that leptin does not help in this latest epidemic - childhood obesity, we should perhaps focus our attention on what causes the hypothalamus to ignore the presence of leptin.  A good start would be to investigate how foods children eat cause leptin resistance.


Currently there is scientific data being explored regarding the enzyme, AMP-Activated Protein Kinase, also known as AMPK.  Leptin suppresses the action of AMPK which causes humans to eat less and use more energy.  The data related to AMPK was discussed at a conference that took place in Australia during the week of March 22, 2004.  There is hope that knowledge of how AMPK works will help health professionals deal with the obesity epidemic. 

AMPK is released in the body during times of metabolic stress - like the ischemia that occurs during stroke. Basically the body is trying to limit its use of energy any way it can so the cells don't run out of energy and die from exertion. To do this, it activates AMPK, which is now linked to obesity because it affects our intake of food.  MSG, since it raises the amount of glutamate present in the bloodstream, will actually help to activate AMPK because it is an excitotoxon - it makes the cells use up too much energy - so its presence causes the cells to throw up the defense of activating this protein kinase to prevent to loss of more energy. So - MSG = activated AMPK = increased appetite = decreased energy expenditure = obesity. Here's a little quiz- guess which unprotected part of the brain is involved with this enzyme? The hypothalamus. According to the article: "Leptin inhibits AMPK in the hypothalamus," Kahn explains. This makes sense because the net effect of leptin is to make a person eat less and spend more energy, so inhibiting AMPK also leads to a suppression of food intake, Kahn says."

Since in animal studies, MSG-treated mice became resistant to leptin, and it is remarked on in the above article that most obese people are resistant to the effects of leptin, perhaps leptin's effect as a AMPK suppressor just can't compete with MSG as an AMPK activator.  Add to the AMPK activating effects of MSG, the damage to the hypothalamus of MSG in general, and you have an actual recipe for obesity - anything with MSG in it.

We should remind you that glutamate is proven to cause the damage in stroke. Stroke causes ischemia which causes AMPK to be released as a protective measure. This also explains much better why regular CoQ10 use appears to help mitigate an MSG reaction. CoQ10 helps the body withstand metabolic stress. The very stress that glutamate causes. Stroke is now being called an obesity-related disease, but perhaps "MSG-related disease" would be nearer the mark, and CoQ10 is now on the formulary for heart patients at hospitals in the U.S.

By directly stimulating the pancreas to release insulin, which drops the blood sugar, MSG can be considered an "anti-appetite suppressant".  In other words, eating MSG makes you hungrier than you would have been, sooner than you would have been.   Over-release of insulin can lead to obesity and insulin resistance - the start of Type II Diabetes.  Obesity, and Type II diabetes are now epidemic in children.   Before the introduction of MSG into the American diet, these diseases were rare in children.  Based on these simple facts, US doctors are now questioning if the rising use of MSG had a hand in creating these two new "epidemics".

Who is at Risk?
Note that the two highest risk groups, African American and Hispanic children, also are the highest risk groups for asthma too.  Asthma has already been proven to be excacerbated by MSG.  Again, asthma, Type II Diabetes AND obesity all rose at the same time MSG consumption rose in the US. 
Based on this fact alone, the reason for the rise in obesity may not be Nintendo and Nickelodeon as mentioned in the article, but high-MSG foods kids love like Doritos, and most fast food. If MSG makes laboratory animals obese, it may work the same in children.  See the above information on APMK.
And obesity among young people in China is growing at 10% each decade.  According to the following BBC article, just in the years from 1985-2000, obesity in China's children increased 28 fold. (italics ours).  Like American foods, most processed foods targeted to Chinese consumers have large quantities of MSG added.
Unfortunately, the Chinese, like Americans, consume large amounts of MSG and do not consume as many other foods that may counteract it, as the Japanese do (taurine-containing raw fish, for example).

"Supersize Me" Documentary

The current documentary about a man who gains 25 pounds in one month by eating McDonald's food for 30 days makes no mention of the fact that MSG has been shown to induce obesity when injected into humans, however, it should be noted that the following McDonald's foods contain pure monosodium glutamate as an added ingredient. 
Grilled Chicken Filet
Hot and Spicy Chicken Patty
Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad
Grilled Chicken California Cobb Salad
Seasoned Beef
Sausage Scrambled Egg MixSausage, and Sausage Patty
It is interesting to note that the man in the film who consumed only Big Macs did NOT become obese. 

PLEASE NOTE: The above list does not include the additional items at McDonald's that have MSG-containing soy sauce, natural flavors or hydrolyzed protein which can contain up to 20% free glutamic acid - the business end of MSG.