Saturday, October 4, 2014


 What is in this Product?

Ferrous Sulfate side affects
  • Normally prescribed by a physician
  • nausea
  • severe stomach pain
  • bloody diarrhea
  • coughing up blood
  • vomit that looks like coffee grounds
  • seizures
  • may be fatal to a child (who is more likely to eat this crap)

 Thiamine Mononitrate

  • Synthetic form of vitamin B which can be acquire by eating real food
  • may cause severe allergic reaction resulting in severe itching and/or difficulty breathing.
  • Most likely to contain impurities


  • is hydrolyzed corn syrup an easily absorb carbohydrate that results in blood sugar spikes which eventually may result in insulin resistance.

Mono Sodium Gluconate 

  • addictive
  • headaches/ migraines
  • sweating/flushing
  • numbness
  • heart palpitation/chest pain
  • nausea
Sodium Phosphate

Is a laxative and under the following conditions may cause severe kidney failure:
  • elderly
  • if you are constipated which is exactly why you may take this. No sense whatsoever.
  • if you are dehydrated
  • if you have pre existing kidney condition
  • if you have heart failure
  • if you have stomach or bowel issues like colitis
  • if you have severe stomach pain (another reason why people take laxatives)
  • some patients not at risk suffered severe kidney problems
The only reason these chemicals are in our food is so they food industry can make more money.I am not sure there is much more to be said about this product. Except to say it is not food. It is a product people consume instead of food that is nutrient poor and chemical rich. You can check out my video series on you by following the link below.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014



Isis the newly minted terrorist group is dominating the headlines as the newest and biggest threat to our safety and stability. They are considered ruthless and without moral code or compass due to the rather public beheadings and other types of executions which seems to scare many of us and has resulted in a call for serious action to be taken to dislodge their hold on parts of Iraq. 

Many people are talking about this issue on the television and in homes around the country and perceive is as an imminent threat to our safety. Commercial run every day making us aware of the threat of terrorism, "If you see something, say something." Even going as far as to provide the special 3 or 4 digit phone number for you to call. They want to make you think the threat is everywhere and it very well may be but the current facts don't support the over emphasis on terrorism as the major threat to our safety. Let me kick the ballistics for you.

  1. Of 978 terrorism related kidnappings last year only three hostages were private US citizens, or .3 percent. A private citizen is defined as any US citizen not acting in an official capacity for the US government.
  2. Of the 13,288 people killed by terrorist attacks last year seventeen were US citizens, or .1 percent.
Interesting isn't it that we are going to spend between $200 and $320 billion dollars a month on a problem that threatens less than 1 percent of the US population while the real threat to our safety and stability is barely in the conversation. When I attempted to find out how much was being spent on the real threat the information was not available. But I did find this information about the leading causes of death in the US:
  • Heart disease       597,689
  • Cancer                 574,742
  • Respiratory          138,080
  • Stroke                  129,476  
  • Alzheimer's           83,494
  •  Diabetes              69, 071
  • Nephritis               50,097       

All of these diseases are related to the food we eat and the ways in which we prepare those foods from the garden through the grocery store to the dinner table. Our consumption of food products that are not real food is the biggest threat to our safety and we have ignored this most insidious threat to our safety and allowed it into our inner circle. We not only consciously and knowingly poison ourselves but our children families friends and neighbors as well. 

 The threat is low nutrition , high calorie food that is full of chemicals, additives, and flavor enhancers that cause addiction and eventually poor health. The entities that we were led to believe were created to protect do not. They are in bed with the producers of this garbage and their only goal is to protect the fortresses of gold. FDA, USDA, AMA, and the remainder of the alphabet soup of government and non profit agencies only work to protect their own budgets while we are becoming fat, sick and nearly dead.

The real threats are the products we are consuming in vast quantities because they do not satisfy our biological need for nutritious, vitamin and mineral laden items produced by Mother Earth under the direction of God. So stop worrying about Isis or any other terror group being the primary threat to you and your loved ones. Get off the couch watching CNN attempting to promote these violent knuckleheads half  a world away as a threat to enter our sovereign state. The real threat has already invaded our food supply under the cover of protection from the US government. 

Our food supply is our most basic and fundamental requirement for long life and good health and it should be protected at all cost. If I am going to go to war this is the war I will fight because the numbers do not lie. We lose more to the food fight than any other war fought in US history. 

1.6 million people every year die in this fight over food. That is 4500 deaths a day and many of them unnecessary since a change in diet and lifestyle may have prevented them. So get up get moving eat local and remember CHIT CHAT WON'T BURN FAT