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The Answer

I find it interesting the number of people that are saying violence is never the answer. Well maybe senseless violence like that which is occurring in Ferguson does not make much sense. Although I understand the rage especially after hearing the story this cop is trying to sell but if you are going to use violence it needs to be targeted at your oppressor and not your own community.

Europeans took over this country utilizing violence against the indigenous people. European people built an economy buttressed by slavery and the ongoing use of violence against African people. European people used violence to overcome the British during the revolutionary war and then again in the war of 1812. You used violence during the many wars you have fought all over the world and continue to do so to this day. 

During the 24 years between 1776 and 1800, you were involved in a total of 38 years of warfare. That's right 38 years of war in only 24 years of existence. During the next 100 years of our existence, this United States was involved in 134 years of warfare primarily against the indigenous people of this country that was discovered and seized. During the next century from 1900-2000 we slowed down a little and there was only 31 years of warfare waged by this country. However we must have realized that we were losing our aggressive and destructive nature and during 14 years of the infancy of this 21st century we have a total of 21 years of warfare. How do you have more years of warfare than your total time of existence? Right you have to have overlapping years of warfare.

The police community have waged war on the communities of color for years and years and it is only know with advent of video and social media that the powers that be are accepting the fact that we are not making this up. So we have taken the beatings, humiliation, lack of respect and degradation for generation after generation without reprisal. We have remained patient and peaceful seeking redress through the courts and other powers that exist for this purpose. What have we received for our patience and calm but more of the same abuse. It is my understanding that doing something repeatedly and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. 

So how can you tell me or anyone else to continue to be calm, be peaceful, be non violent. When has this country ever used non violence as a tool to get what it wants, needs or better yet believe it is entitled to have. This country was taken by force when in fact there was enough room for everyone. And now you want everyone else, to be peaceful. There is a level of hypocrisy here that I can not begin to describe. 

Non violence for what? What has it accomplished for anyone that the USA opposes or anyone that at their own peril dares to oppose it. Peace has not achieved equal education; equal employment; equal wages; equal representation; equal justice; equal living conditions. If peace were such a great force than why doesn't this government use it to settle their differences with other countries. Why don't the police use peace as a way of quelling disturbances. They don't because it is not effective in and of itself.

I do not in anyway condone what is not productive and the senseless violence aimed at no one is not effective or productive. It is a stupid waste of time, energy and resources. However economic, political, and social sanctioning does work and must be used consistently to dismantle the institutions that systemically suppress the community that was used to build this country into an economic, political and dare I say it, a war machine. Direct your energy and remain conscious of the racist institutions when we shop, socialize, vote, attend school and develop into the independent juggernaut that takes control of our communities rather than allowing some else do it for us.

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