Wednesday, April 16, 2014



As I navigate this process of regaining control of my life from cigarettes and the conventionality demanded by today's world, I am learning some life lessons. I have a better understanding what this struggle, addiction, is really like to unleash yourself. Seems not to matter whether it be alcohol, cigarettes, food or another item or practice that needs to change. This is a real struggle for anyone at any time, at any place or any where.

Just yesterday, a little voice said to me you are doing really well, why not have a cigarette. I thought about that for a minute and it seemed to make sense at first. Then I had another thought, why do you want to provide yourself with a negative reward for doing a positive thing. So I did not reward myself with the cigarette that would only make my journey longer and possibly harder or even impossible if I adopt/embrace that mindset. I have to admit though in the past that made perfect sense. The Id does not like change and works very hard to maintain what is familiar.

Our comfort with what is familiar is often in contrast to what we really want for ourselves. Personally I'd like to live a really healthy life and in many ways I do, except for smoking. I have been aware of the contradiction for many years but not consciously in the the manner that I am presently. Knowing these things are killing me and even smoking while writing about the benefits of exercise; awareness of how the foods you eat impact your life; and increasing your chances of living well by changing what is familiar to what is required.

Your journey may be different than mine but I am betting some of this sounds familiar. Your biggest enemy may not be the haters or your friends and family. It is insidious because this enemy hides in plan sight but it is very difficult to identify because it is familiar. It is you. Who is more familiar and comfortable with you than you. With all the noise in the world these days we rarely have time to be quiet and go inside. I was very fortunate the other day to have that thought during a quiet moment where I could carefully examine it and see that it made absolutely no sense whatsoever. 

Deeper thought maybe a requirement for change. So adding meditation to the the scenario may be what is needed. I used to do this on the regular during a major change in lifestyle earlier in my life. I gradually turned my attention from self development to community, policy and staff development. In other words, I allowed the outside world to takeover despite the fact that my primary obligation, my children where off on there own. For those of you who are looking to improve your lives you may need to turn back inside for the answers to the questions you currently avoid. Or to identify the blocking beliefs and thoughts that keep you stuck.

I hope you all have much success in your present and future endeavors. Keep following and I will keep you updated cause I am certainly going to  share what I learn during this process to my weight loss/ fitness clients and colleagues. 

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014



Sometime ago I wrote and article about what was in a box of bread crumbs. I was curious because my wife was using this as a Healthy alternative to frying chicken. So I did a little research on what actually was in a typical box of bread crumbs and the results were simply amazing. There were 39 different ingredients in a box of bread crumbs when you probably bread crumbs were made out bread. So even though baking with bread crumbs clearly reduces the amount of fat intake, it also increases the amount of toxic chemicals that you consume. The link to that article is pasted below.

I have ingested a bread crumb since I wrote that article but I needed find a substitute for the bread crumbs that contained far less ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives. The answer to my problem was Panko. It has natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives.

Wheat flour and although I am not a fan of the modern day genetically modified wheat, it is what you expect to be in a box of bread crumbs. However cooking with it took some practice. It burns at a lower temperature than bread crumbs and it sticks to the bottom of the pan at any temperature. 

I recommend you heat your oven to 300 degrees and coat the chicken or pork chop with egg whites before you attempt to coat them with the Panko. Season your Panko to your taste, dip the meat in the egg whites, then coat it with the seasoned Panko mix.

Now we still have not resolved the sticking to the pan have we? Today I used skewers to lift the chicken from the bottom of the pan. You just hang the skewers over the sides of the pan like so...

Cook for about 1 hour and as you may see there is nothing stuck to the bottom or the sides of the pan and you are leaving most the coating and parts of meat behind. It is a low fat meal with lots of flavor and crunchiness. 

I think you will enjoy it as well as improve your health with a Quick Nutritious and Delicious recipe with no additives. Remember if  you Eat Well, it is more likely you will Live Well.

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Monday, April 7, 2014



When I started this journey last week, I imagined it as the most difficult thing I ever tried to do. 

At the time, I did not consciously give much thought to the words that were coming out of my mouth. It really was not until I was posting an update on Facebook that I consciously examined what I said and wrote. What is clear to  me is that I am no longer trying I am doing. Five minutes at a time, with a five minute interval once the urge to smoke creeps into my consciousness

I believe all of my past efforts failed because I embraced and owned the difficulty of cleansing myself of the scourge of nicotine based on what others had told me. The additional culprit was my lack of commitment. As I believe Yoda once said, "Trying isn't doing." So when, I without a lot of complex thought changed the process to something I knew I could do, which is to wait a minimum of five minutes before lighting a cigarette, what seemed impossible became possible. Not only can I do it but with each success, I realize I am able to wait a little longer. Five minutes has turned into 13 hours even if 10 were during my sleep.

You may say whoa, wait a minute that does not count. Well in the past I rarely slept straight through and the primary reason for that was not my prostate but the need to fulfill my cigarette addiction. Usually at least twice per evening which interrupted my sleep even more subsequent to the quick SMOKE because nicotine and many of the other ingredients are stimulants. So I am counting it because it is a definitive change in my behavior.

The insert below shows what the CDC says happens in the 12 hour after your last cigarette.

12 Hours After You Quit Smoking

Carbon monoxide, which can be toxic to the body at high levels, is released from burning tobacco and inhaled as part of cigarette smoke. Because carbon monoxide bonds so well to blood cells, high levels of the substance can prevent these cells from bonding with oxygen, which in turn causes serious cardiovascular problems. In just 12 hours after quitting smoking, the carbon monoxide in your body decreases to lower levels, and your blood oxygen levels increase to normal (CDC, 2004).
So for the first time in many years my carbon dioxide levels where reduced and my oxygen was normal. I take that as a milestone with more of them to come one five minute step at a time. As I am sure you can tell, I am excited and confident that I will succeed this time if I stick to my plan. The one that works for me as it is so easy to wait 5 minutes that the likelihood of experiencing failure and becoming discouraged is almost non existent. 
I hope my journey encourages someone out there who is struggling to find something that works for you. Figure out what you can do no matter how small the step may seem. Don't concern yourself with those that criticize the small changes because if you stick with it those small changes add up to create the change you may have been seeking. You deserve it and I truly hope you are able to achieve it. Your playing small to the world does not serve anyone and especially not you.
By the way I smoked a total of 6 cigarettes yesterday down from my usual pack a day. Not where I want to be but the progress is measurable. 
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